2019 Overwatch League All-Stars event details revealed by Blizzard

Rebekah Drake • April 26, 19:36

The 2019 Overwatch League All-Stars event details have now been revealed. The event will take place at the Blizzard Arena on May 15 and 16.

The matches will take place over the course of two days and will consist of a small tournament between the Atlantic and Pacific teams, as well as a series of exhibition matches.

May 15 will include a collection of custom game modes that pit all-star players from the Atlantic division against those from the Pacific. The Talent Takedown will be a collection of broadcasters and analysts fighting in a series of 6v6 matches. Fans will also be able to watch a 1v1 Widowmaker tournament featuring some of the league’s best snipers.

The third set of games are titled the All-Star Arcade. This will be a series of match types which fans can vote for by visiting the official Overwatch League Twitter account page. Some of the modes players can vote on include a 6v6 mode restricted to only support heroes, a 6v6 McCree only mode, and a lockout elimination mode.

The main event, titled the All-Star Game, will be held on May 16. The starting six players for each team are being voted on by fans through April 28. The remaining 24 players will be selected by league officials. Rosters are expected to be revealed in early May.

For the All-Star Games, each player will be required to play at least one match throughout the tournament. The winning side will be the first team to reach four wins in a series of match-ups based on standard Overwatch League rules.

To celebrate, new exclusive skins have been revealed for fans to show their support for the two divisional teams. Mercy has been shown in a purple-themed legendary skin, while Lucio represents the Pacific team with shades of gold. Both skins will be available for 200 league tokens beginning May 7.

Tickets are now on sale for those wishing to attend and start at $20 for a single day’s entry. For fans watching live on Twitch, token drops will be doubled. Viewers will be able to earn six tokens for every hour of live game time watched.


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