Discord enters the world of streaming with new Go Live option

Another company is entering the world of streaming.

Discord has announced Go Live, an add-on to its existing gaming chat platform that will allow users to stream games to their friends. Go Live is set to launch on the platform on August 15.

Discord is already well-established within the online gaming world. The service has become the standard for voice chats and also allows users to build up larger communities around specific titles or other interests. This has seen it become a central hub for gamers of all sorts.

Go Live stands as an expansion to the established screen share feature. Users will be able to stream by using voice channels and multiple streams will be able to run at once. Streaming quality will vary based upon the user’s account with standard users being capped at 720p, Nitro Classic offering up to 1080p and 60 FPS, and Nitro taking things all the way up 4K. Higher stream quality will also be available for boosted servers.

With Go Live, Discord is looking to emulate the feeling of relaxing with friends, and playing games together in the same room. Go Live functions differently from streaming platforms such as Twitch or Mixer as it will only support streaming for up to ten people at a time.

Go Live will have no webcam support and users will only be able to stream games. The option to stream will open once Discord detects a user is in a game.

This is likely welcome news to streaming giant Twitch. The Amazon-owned platform was dealt a hard blow last month when popular Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins signed an exclusive deal with its competitor, Mixer. The departure of its most recognizable user has seen Twitch’s dominance in the field undermined, with many wondering if it is losing its firm grip on the live streaming world.

The initial version of Go Live won’t slice into Twitch’s market due to it being a new feature within the established Discord framework. Twitch will certainly be hoping it stays that way.

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