Shroud criticizes solo mode in Apex Legends due to imbalance

Apex Legends made headlines when Respawn Entertainment announced an upcoming solo mode, but not everyone is on board. 

Popular streamer Michael "shroud" Grzesiak told his Twitch followers that solo mode won't be as exciting as fans initially thought. He said the limited time mode wouldn't be too popular after players realize they "hate it," and it would most likely never come back again. 

"The problem if they want this game to truly be solo, they'd have to rebalance the whole game for solo. And that's just something they're not going to do. No way," shroud said. 

Unlike Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the two other battle royale games that boast solo modes, Apex Legends features legends that all have different abilities. The game is centered around teamwork, as teams must communicate about when to use their abilities and how to create synergy between them. 

Some legends' abilities may be more powerful while solo than others, which, in theory, would cause many fans to repeatedly choose the same legends in order to stand a chance of surviving the limited time mode. 

For this reason, shroud thinks most players will try it out and then never play it again once they see this issue for themselves. 

Still, there are other team-based video games that have single player modes that thrive. Overwatch, for example, features a roster of heroes with varying abilities, many of which are considered supportive for their teammates. DPS heroes stand a better chance of surviving on their own than do most healing-based heros or tanks with limited mobility. 

Solo mode comes to Apex Legends on Tuesday, August 13. 

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