Respawn Entertainment hints at next legend to hit Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment developers have hinted at Apex Legend's next character. 

During a motion capture session, Respawn developer Tina Sanchez tweeted a photo of the process along with the words, "Working on Apex Legends stuff." 

The images excited her followers, since it hinted at new content coming to Apex Legends. But that wasn't the only thing that got fans talking. When one Apex Legends player asked Sanchez if the new content was related to Crypto, Sanchez shocked the battle royale community by responding with a mouthless emoji. 

Apex Legends Crypto

Is Crypto coming to Apex Legends?


A data miner leaked 10 new legends in March of this year. These included Crypto, who has been on fans' radars ever since then. At the time, Respawn Entertainment didn't confirm or deny the data miner's speculations. But Octane and Wattson's reveal only helped support the data miners' unearthed secrets, since these two legends were part of the leaked roster image. 

Crypto was first spotted in the background of an image of Pathfinder. He can be seen wearing a green and white jacket, and appears to have dreadlocks. What fans were most intruiged by was the sword he seemed to have on his back, making people wonder if he will be a melee attacking character. 

After he was spotted in the image, Crypto was seen again in the leak in March. That's when Apex Legends players started really investing in the idea of Crypto. 

While Crypto has yet to be confirmed, fans already wonder what his abilities will be. In an animated trailer, the words "ACTIVATE EMP" are seen, followed by a logo that looked similar to an ultimate ability symbol. It appeared that Crypto had crashed the Repulsor tower, leading to the Leviathans invading the island. This led players to contemplate a hacking kit for Crypto. 

Even though Sanchez's tweet wasn't concrete evidence of Crypto coming to Apex Legends any time soon, it all does seem to be coming together. Fans speculate that Crypto will be coming along with Season 3 next month. 

Meanwhile, data miners, leakers, and fans alike continue to piece together different hints within Apex Legends, hoping to find out which legend they'll see next. While it's leaning towards Crypto, others have recently been discussed as well. 

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