Riot Games shares ARAM win rates for Patch 9.15, future plans

Olivia R. August 7, 2019

Riot Games has revealed the League of Legends champions with the best win rates in ARAM throughout Patch 9.15. 

According to a principal game designer from Riot, the best champion in ARAM during the last patch was Swain. The beefy mage had a 59.6% win rate thanks to his ultimate's effectiveness in ARAM teamfights. His Nevermore ability also allows him to isolate opponents he targets. Patch 9.16, which is coming out on August 14, will nerf Swain to balance out this game mode a bit more. This includes a decrease in damage dealt by six percent, and an additional six percent damage taken. 

Maokai's second place spot was earned thanks to a 56.2% win rate. His success comes from his crowd control abilities, including Nature's Grasp. When used on the Howling Abyss, this ultimate covers the entire lane. 

Janna came in third, with a 55.7% win rate. The tempest helps make up for her teammate's inability to replenish mana and health. She further supports her team by disengaging the enemy with that ultimate. 

Teemo, Sona, Trundle, and Ashe fill in the next spots on the list. These champions have win rates beween 55.1% and 54.9%. 

Patch 9.16 is buffing a champion that's a bit lower on the chart. Volibear, who has a little over 51 percent win rate, will have his damage taken reverted back to how it was before Patch 9.15. Throughout the current patch, Volibear had his damage taken increased by 5%. 

Morgana, who also received a nerf in Pach 9.15, will be nerfed even more in Pach 9.16. She will deal 6% less damage. Yorick will see a similar nerf, losing 5% of damage dealt. 

Separately, patch 9.16 will bring a lot of other changes to Teamfight Tactics. This includes a better matchmaking system after players complained that they were facing the same opponent multiple times in each session.