Apex Legends Iron Crown Collection brings solo play next week

EA Games CEO Andrew Wilson teased that a mid-season event was coming that would “deliver one of the most fan-requested features since the launch” of Apex Legends. He wasn't lying.

The Iron Crown Collection event was announced on the official Apex Legends Twitter account. Though the festivities and rewards were not fully detailed, the centerpiece is set to be an “all-new Solos limited time mode.”

While PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite both feature a number of matchmaking options for squads, duos, and solo games, Apex Legends has long lagged in that regard. The game is entirely built around its three-man squad gameplay and has consistently steered gamers towards playing within that framework. Offering up a solos option should spice up a Apex Legends experience that some have panned for its monotony.

The solos option also comes packaged alongside the reveal of a true “limited time mode.” While Fortnite is constantly offering players new options in terms of how to play the game ranging from having a unique set of weapons to having the entire world be filled with lava, Apex hasn’t much gone in that direction yet.

Apex Legends solos precursor to more LTM? 


Previous limited-time offerings have largely boiled down to the same core game, with the Legendary Hunt event in June introducing the Apex Elite Queue. Though the Apex Elite Queue was well-received by fans, it ultimately provided the same Apex Legends experience as before, only with the matchmaking being restricted to players who had recently placed in the top five.

The long-term plan for Apex Legends’ LTM offering remains a mystery, but this suggests that a more robust offering may be in the works.

The full plans for the Iron Crown Collection have not yet been revealed and it is unclear if other rumored content is set to be added alongside a solo queue. The event is set to run from August 13 to 27, so expect more details soon.

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