19 new heroes potentially discovered in hidden Dota 2 files

Steven Rondina • August 25, 22:05

Data mining is a big part of the news cycle for a number of popular video games, but it hasn’t really been a major phenomenon in Dota 2. Until now.

A Reddit user went waist deep into Dota 2’s files and made an incredible discovery. Hidden within Dota 2 are 19 unreleased heroes that have been built to varying levels of completion. Some have little more than a code name in the game’s files, but others seemingly have a full set of spells and abilities.

The heroes use a wide variety of code names with the most realized being Puppet Master, Valkyrie, and Vampire. Nothing was given in regards to the heroes’ roles and appearances, but the commands attached to them give an idea of what each may have played like.

Puppet Master, Vampire, and Valkyrie heroes discovered in Dota 2

Puppet Master seemed to be exactly what one would expect from the name. His kit includes abilities named Pull the Strings, Stage Fright, and String Up. There are also a number of references to a marionette, suggesting he may have been built around a controllable unit similar to Lone Druid’s bear, or he may have had something more similar to a controllable remnant.

Vampire seemed to also have some manner of micro ability, as he had an ability called Enthrall with an ability to command thralls. He also had an ability called Take Wing that was toggleable, as well as likely passives named Vampirism and Vampiric Rage.

Valkyrie has a long list of abilities that may have been considered for the character. Some seem to be focused on damage, such as Luminous Blade, but she also had multiple abilities that suggest she would have a supportive role, including Safeguard and Healing Touch.

Alongside Puppet Master, Vampire, and Valkyrie are a number of other heroes that weren’t fully realized. Among them are codenames like Bruiser, Hoplite, Mouse, and Primal Beast.

It’s not uncommon for developers to either lay the foundation for upcoming content or to leave traces of scrapped concepts within a video game’s files. Apex Legends saw years worth of new legends leaked when the game was still in beta and fans knew of the latest crossover between Fortnite and Marvel well before Epic Games made it official. 

It is unclear whether these new Dota 2 heroes are currently in development, were scrapped, or had their abilities repurposed into other heroes. Fans shouldn’t get their hopes up over seeing 19 new heroes in Dota 2, but this is an interesting find by any measure.


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