Valve unveils Artifact release date

After a year of mystery, Valve has finally given fans more information regarding Dota 2 digital card game Artifact.

According to artist Wykrhm Reddy, Artifact will launch on November 28 and will be available on Mac, PC, and Linux. Unlike the free-to-play Dota 2, it will carry a $20 price tag.

Artifact was first announced at The International 2017 with a short teaser trailer. In the months since, Valve has been almost completely silent on the game, with the only details provided coming from a private press event in March. Some took the lingering silence as a sign that something was off with the game’s development, but the game will soon be arriving regardless.

Developed by Valve with the help of Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield, Artifact separates itself from other trading card games and stays true to its Dota roots by taking place across three “lanes.” Players will have 40-card decks that include five hero cards, which they will use to conquer each lane. Heroes can be upgraded over the course of a contest, with the game’s flow meant to be reminiscent of Dota 2.

The game will be available to demo at the Penny Arcade Expo on August 31 in Seattle. There are still plenty of outstanding questions when it comes to Artifact, including card reveals, the possibility of a mobile release, and its competitive future. Fans will hope for more news to come in the fall.

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