Echo Fox selling LCS slot in racism scandal, buyer reportedly found

Steven R. July 24, 2019

Echo Fox is leaving the LCS.

Riot Games announced that the organization is positioned to sell its LCS franchise to an outside ownership group. This likely marks the end of the organization’s time in League of Legends.

“Echo Fox has submitted a proposal to sell its slot in the LCS to a new ownership group,” Riot said in a statement on Twitter. “The LCS is reviewing the potential sale and will be meeting with the proposed ownership group in the coming days.”

According to a report by Jacob Wolf of ESPN, the slot will be purchased by Kroenke Sports & Entertainment for $30.25 million. Kroenke owns Arsenal FC, the Denver Nuggets, and the Overwatch League's Los Angeles Gladiators.

Echo Fox has been embroiled in controversy since May, when Dexerto reported that Echo Fox owner and frontman Rick Fox was looking to sell his shares in the organization. This was due to alleged racist language used by an unnamed individual with ties to the company. The person in question was later revealed to be Amit Raizada.

Though Raizada initially denied the incident, Echo Fox affirmed that the claims were true. Riot opened an investigation into the matter shortly thereafter, which resulted in the developers demanding that Raizada be removed from the organization. If this was not done within two months, Echo Fox was at risk of losing its LCS slot.

This deadline was later extended, with ESPN reporting that Raizada had tried to work around Riot’s demands by transferring his share of Echo Fox to a family member. Riot stopped this transaction, but extended the deadline by a week.

Though Fox expressed his desire to remain with the team during that time, he flatly stated he wanted nothing to do with Raizada moving forward. This announcement suggested Echo Fox was unable to pry Raizada away from the company.

As of this writing, Rick Fox and Echo Fox have not released an official statement on the matter.

While Echo Fox is leaving the LCS, their team will continue playing in the 2019 LCS Summer Split. The organization is currently in last place with a 3-11 record.