Echo Fox to lose LCS spot if they don’t force out accused racist owner

Melany M. July 21, 2019

Echo Fox is in hot water.

According to ESPN's Jacob Wolf, the organization might lose its place in the LCS if they don’t remove Amit Raizada from the company by July 22. Riot Games first demanded Raizada be ousted in May.

Back in April reports surfaced that Raizada, who owns a portion of Echo Fox, used racist language in regards to Echo Fox owner Rick Fox and former Echo Fox CEO Jace Hall. Raizada initially denied the claims but the Echo Fox organization stated they were true.

At the time of the incident, Fox said he would be selling his shares in the company. In later media appearances, he indicated that he would prefer to remain with the organization but refused to continue conducting business with Raizada.

Shortly after the initial report, Riot Games launched an investigation into the matter, with LCS Commissioner Chris Greeley demanding Echo Fox "take appropriate corrective action within 60 days" or else "the League will take formal action that may adversely impact the future of Echo Fox in the LCS."

According to ESPN, Echo Fox proposed transferring Raizada’s equity to a company owned by a member of his family. Riot Games did not agree with that plan and gave the team seven extra days to find a solution.

If a solution is not found by July 22, Echo Fox will be forced to relinquish their LCS slot. The franchise will then be sold, with Echo Fox receiving a portion of the sale. Echo Fox will be allowed to finish the 2019 LCS Summer Split.

If Echo Fox is forced out, it will become the third team to be kicked out of the LCS following Renegades and Team Impulse. It will be the first team ejected since the start of franchising in the league, which began in 2017.

A price for the slot has not yet been determined however, judging from recent ownership changes among LCS teams it will likely be worth tens of millions of dollars.