PUBG Mobile developers looking to pay players for feedback

PUBG Mobile's development team has taken to Discord to recruit players for an online user panel. 

Gamers who are chosen to participate in the panel will be paid to share feedback regarding PUBG Mobile. This includes discussing the app's gameplay, events, and artwork in multiple-choice polls. Participants may also get paid for longer-form surveys and playtests. 

"You'll be encouraged to interact with other members from the panel to participate in open discussions and share your ideas and feedback with the staff," the developers said on Discord. 

The long-term project is designed to provide "valuable and constructive" feedback. 

While no exact requirements are mentioned, developers did state that participants must sign a non-disclosure agreement and never share anything discussed in the panels. They also must maintain a "minimum participation level" when there are ongoing polls and discussions. Anyone who doesn't meet the minimum will be removed and replaced. 

PUBG Mobile players who wish to participate can apply here. Anyone selected to participate in the panel will get a $25 onboarding bonus in addition to the monthly payout. 

The survey first asks how old the applicant is, and doesn't appear to have any restrictions on age. The survey then requires interested players to provide their account level and the highset rank they've reached in the last three seasons. The survey also asks when applicants started playing PUBG Mobile, as well as how often they play and how much money they've spent making in-app purchases. Then survey-takers will answer who they play with most often and which mode they play the most. 

The next round of questions are open-ended. The developers ask what makes PUBG Mobile unique compared to other battle royale titles and what the applicant most enjoys the most about the game. 

It's unclear how developers are picking participants or if some answers are given preferential treatment over others.

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