Echo Fox deadline to oust Amit Raizada is extended by Riot Games

Tom B. July 16, 2019

The future of Echo Fox remains murky.

Riot Games has given the popular League of Legends franchise a seven-day extension on the deadline to take action against company shareholder Amit Raizada. This comes after weeks of silence following the LCS’s demand he split from the organization within 60 days. The decision was announced on Twitter.

“On May 15, the LCS directed Echo Fox to take appropriate corrective action within 60 days to remove those individuals whose actions have violated League rules and agreements,” Riot said. “Based on our ongoing discussions with Echo Fox, we are extending our deadline for compliance by seven days.”

It is unclear what prompted the deadline extension and there is no word on what has been happening with Echo Fox’s ownership.

Earlier this year, Echo Fox made headlines for all the wrong reasons. According to a report by Dexerto, the former NBA champion and popular owner of the brand had sent emails detailing his intent split from the organization due to threats to his family and an “outrageous and abhorrent display of pure racism made by a significant Echo Fox shareholder.” Dexerto stated that the incident in question was the use of the N-word towards both Fox and former Echo Fox CEO Jace Hall. Both Fox and Hall are African-American.

Echo Fox later confirmed the reports to be true.

The report triggered an investigation into the incident by Riot, which was followed by LCS Commissioner Chris Greeley issuing a thinly veiled ultimatum that Echo Fox risked expulsion from the LCS should Raizada remain with the organization following 60 days. From there, Fox made a number of media appearances and suggested that he would prefer to stay with the organization, but refused to do further business with Raizada.

As of this writing, neither Fox nor Echo Fox have issued a statement on the matter and details are scarce regarding Raizada’s place in, and future with the company. The new deadline will expire on July 22.