Overwatch Workshop map teaches players how to counter Sombra

The Overwatch development team doesn’t seem to be worried about how powerful Sombra is, so players are taking matters into their own hands.

A Reddit user created a custom Overwatch Workshop stage designed for the sole purpose of dealing with Sombra’s EMP ability. The map is a simple square that lets a Sombra bot sneak up on the player from random directions to pop her ultimate and attempt to do some damage. In theory, this can help players improve their ability to locate her by sound and better gauge the range and timing of her ultimate.

Sombra has been at or near the top of Overwatch tier lists for the majority of her existence. Her EMP ultimate allows her to disable all enemies in a wide radius.

The hero is popular in triple-triple team compositions thanks to her knack for disrupting the utility of tanks and supports. Alongside a crippling ultimate, Sombra can choose to hack a single individual character or disable health packs to keep the enemy from being able to use them.

The character is also effective in front line combat thanks to her stealth mechanic, high mobility, and submachine gun that can make quick work of foes when used correctly.

The map is best used for heroes like Zenyatta. His lack of escape options makes him especially weak to Sombra’s shenanigans in most situations but Zenyatta’s Transcendence ability shields him and his teammates from incoming damage and certain status effects. This makes him a solid counter to Sombra and this map can help Zenyatta mains improve their ability to anticipate her movements.

Of course, players are free to take any character they wish into the training grounds to figure out how best to deal with her.

Those interested in testing out the training course can use code PS3P4 in the Overwatch Workshop.

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