Fictional AvastCon event becoming a reality for Florida Mayhem fans

A joke convention imagined up by Florida Mayhem fans is going to become a real event.

AvastCon, an imaginary expo built into near-mythical status by Florida fans, is going to be made a reality. Florida Mayhem Event Manager Alonso “LP” Benevente, has confirmed to that the event will be taking place in Miami. No date has been determined yet.

AvastCon 2019 will be an off-season esports event held by the Florida Mayhem events team in collaboration with Overwatch League broadcasting staff. Judging from recent social media chatter from Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykles, the event will be hosted at a local Chuck-E-Cheese location.

Fans of the Florida Mayhem and the Overwatch League may have heard of AvastCon, but the line between meme and reality has long been blurry.

Originally a joke by casters MonteCristo and Connor "Avast" Prince, Mayhem fans have taken it upon themselves to create extensive marketing materials for the fictional gathering ranging from posters, to a promotional video, to an “official” Twitter account. There have no doubt been a number of new Overwatch fans that have seen all the hype surrounding AvastCon and believed it to be real.

Though AvastCon was a running gag for a long while, Monte’s tweets to the official Chuck-E-Cheese Twitter account, and the company’s willingness to host the event, was the first clue that it might actually happen. Later that day, former London Spitfire manager and wife of MonteCristo Susie Kim announced her involvement in the real AvastCon. In her tweet, she clarified that she had met with LP and the Mayhem’s event team and all involved were ready to turn the dream into a reality.

With a timeframe and location both confirmed, the team is now working to solidify the exact venue and date. More information should be arriving soon, giving potential attendees opportunity to clear their weekends and make travel arrangements.

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