Young streamer zyITV raises thousands for father's cancer treatment

A 13-year-old streamer from Canada under the username “zylTV” has turned to Twitch in hopes of raising money for his father’s cancer treatment costs, and viewers responded generously by donating well over the initial goal that was set.

zylTV has been playing and streaming Fortnite ten hours a day for five days with a wish to raise $5,000 CDN through charitable donations. Goal donations would all go towards the funding of his father’s cancer treatment medication. By the end of the fundraising run, he had been donated over $13,000 CDN.

zylTV’s father suffers from stage four rectal cancer that has spread to his lungs and liver. If he doesn’t undergo chemotherapy, he’s not likely to survive more than a year. However, with three years of chemotherapy, his father has a 20% chance to live, and his son is fighting for it.

Since the viewers' donations well exceeded his initial goal, anything extra will be put into an emergency fund, towards his father’s vacation, and for new equipment for zylTV’s stream improvements.

The young streamer was left speechless with the community’s response, emphasizing he that he didn’t even know how to thank them.

“You guys changed my and my dad’s life forever, and I and my dad will remember this my whole life ... I can’t thank you guys enough,” zyITV said.

CompLexity Gaming competitive Fortnite player Mack “MackWood” Aesoph was the first pro player to donate to the stream. He then called his Twitter followers to join him in the cause and help zylTV raise money for his father, further spreading the word in doing so.

On his Twitter bio, zylTV is said to be managed by managed by Cody "Clix" Conrod, who competes in Fortnite for Misfits Gaming.

Many commenters have taken on this opportunity to criticize the Canadian health care system and highlight that no person’s life should depend on their financial situation.

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