Dr. Disrespect returns to Twitch, draws big viewership numbers

Guy “Dr. Disrespect” Beahm returned to Twitch after a two-week ban kept his stream sidelined, and thousands of fans tuned in to see what would happen. 

Over 73,000 viewers tuned in for the start of Dr. Disrespect’s epic return. That number subsided throughout the stream, however, with Doc averaging around 35,000 viewers for the remainder.

A heaping of fan support and adoration overshadowed any doubts that Dr. Disrespect could recover from his embarrassing E3 gaffe. It was there that he took a live camera into public restrooms while patrons were relieving themselves. The move got him kicked out of the event and temporarily separated from his massive online audience.

The broadcast started up with Dr. Disrespect’s patented countdown before inviting viewers for a ride in his personal, digital, and totally fake Lamborghini. Twitch chat erupted in laughter when he used a skit to make fun of the very act that got him banned.

There wasn’t much must-see TV otherwise. Dr. Disrespect announced the brashness of his presence early with an unapologetic shot at Ninja’s subscriber count. He also repeatedly denounced geek culture and gaming publication Kotaku for its uncut criticism of his ways. 

When it was time to game, he fired up PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for matches with friends Chocotaco, Hambino, and Halifax.

Dr. Disrespect didn’t miss a beat after his month off. His six-hour return stream was full of his usual eccentric and overly confident antics slotted between a series of underwhelming performances by his crew.

As you’d expect, Dr. Disrespect didn’t rush to one-up his bar for controversy coming off a major ban, but he did draw fellow battle royale streamer Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek’s attention after calling him out for not being subscribed to the so-called Champions Club. 

Having heard the callout, Shroud entered the Twitch chat to great fanfare and paid five dollars to squelch the sudden influx of trolling he suffered on Twitter. He then questioned Dr. Disrespect’s affinity for Apex Legends, a question that’s not unwarranted considering the man didn’t even know whether he still had the game installed.

Dr. Disrespect did eventually get around to playing both Apex Legends and Fortnite.

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