Seagull retires from OWL, returns to streaming

Brandon “Seagull” Learned has announced via Twitter that he is leaving professional esports and is returning to streaming full-time, effective immediately.

On his Twitch stream, Seagull pulled up his Twitter where he had just announced his departure from pro Overwatch team Dallas Fuel and from the Overwatch pro scene altogether. Seagull explained that he had experienced health problems while competing that needed his attention, such as a 40-pound weight gain and various mental health difficulties.

The biggest stated factor in his decision was his guilt over leaving the streaming community that powered him to the first Overwatch World Cup and, eventually, to the Overwatch League. He said that he was lying to himself in thinking that he could juggle both streaming and his responsibilities as a pro player. Seagull also admitted that being focused on the Overwatch League and being available to stream for his community on Twitch was an unrealistic goal.

As for the All-Star Overwatch League game coming later in the month, Seagull said that he wouldn’t be able to attend for a reason unrelated to the retirement announcement. An official tweet from the Overwatch League confirmed that Aaron “Bischu” Kim would be replacing Seagull at the event.

In the future, Seagull said that he would consider returning to professional esports, but that his top priority is cultivating his existing Twitch community.