PUBG introduces new Survivor Guide with detailed map and weapon info

The PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds development and community teams recently introduced the PUBG Survivor's Guide

"Over the past two years, legions of long-time, dedicated fans have dropped onto the Battleground and perfected their strategies to earn that Chicken Dinner. However, it is safe to say that PUBG can sometimes be an intimidating experience for players just starting out," the official press release said. 

To help new players feel more confident in exploring the island of Erangel, the team behind the game has created a Survivor's Guide that will walk gamers through the "foundations of the game" and its "unique survival experience." Rolling out in several phases, the Survivor's Guide currently features sections on gameplay, weapons, map features, and the game's controls. 

PUBG Survivor Survival Guide

The gameplay section presents the basic fundamentals of PUBG. The first episode is called, "What is Battle Royale." The second episode discusses lobby navigation, while the third and currently final episode is titled "Starting Phase." The developers state this section of the guide will be expanded in the coming weeks. 

The weapon guide simply lists every available weapon in the game. Magazine size and ammo type is included. According to the press release, the developer will later add further information including damage comparisons and stats on bullet drops. 

Another section that will be getting more data later on is the map guide. For now, it shows off each of the game's official battlegrounds as well as the hot spots located within each of them.

For the control section of the Survivor's Guide, there's a detailed keyboard and mouse layout with explanations and color schemes.

"Our goal is to create a feature that is helpful to all of our players, from a first-time survivor to a seasoned veteran, by implementing things such as weapon comparisons with attachment selector, bullet drop graphs, heat-map, and more," PUBG developers said. 

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