Tfue gets rare Quadcrasher kill by crashing on top of opponent

"Yeehaw!" Turner "Tfue" Tenney exclaimed as he flew through the air in a Fortnite Quadcrasher. 

The competitive Fortnite player started out his latest stream innocently enough. He built a ramp to race his Quadcrasher up, looking to soar high above the map. 

But his goals changed when he saw an opponent minding their own business obliviously down below. Tfue decided it was time to aim his rocketing Quadcrasher at the unsuspecting pedestrian. 

Landing almost on the Quadcrasher's side, Tfue barrelled into the enemy at top speed. They were sent flying, immediately eliminated by Tfue. The game ruled the player's death a "great fall" of 60 meters, doing a staggering 397 damage. 

"Yes!" Tfue cheered, as the Quadcrasher continued to tumble away from the initial landing site. 

Since getting run over in Fortnite is so easily avoidable, this manner of death is extremely rare. But that hasn't stopped Tfue from making wacky plays like this in the past. 

In March, Tfue eliminated Team Liquid's Ryan "Chap" Chaplo with The Baller. Tfue had been climbing up a structure to escape the storm utilizing The Baller's built-in Grappler when he missed a tree and became trapped in the structure. When Tfue retracted his Grappler, The Baller bounced off the building's walls, and the other opponent in the structure, Chap, was run over. 

Tfue is a prolific Twitch streamer who goes live daily. He streams for up to 13 hours on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Over the last few days he's had multiple streams run over seven hours. During those long hours playing Fortnite, some crazy things are bound to happen, particularly with a player of Tfue's skill and ability.

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