Latest Fortnite update includes Drum Shotgun and July 4th heroes

Another update is now live on Fortnite. 

Epic has released the latest patch notes for Fortnite as the 14 Days of Summer event continues. Now live for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices, the small update includes a brand new weapon for the game's Battle Royale mode. 

The Drum Shotgun is a new addition to Fortnite this week. It comes in common, uncommon, and rare varieties, and can be found as floor loot or inside vending machines and Loot Carriers. With a clip size of 12 and dealing up to 50 damage per shot it's no Pump Shotgun, but it's still a very powerful weapon. 

Some are saying it might even be a bit too powerful. 

The Drug Shotgun's damage per second is 180 to 200. Compare that to the grey Tactical Shotgun, which only delivers 106 DPS, or the rare Combat Shotgun's 135. The Drum Shotgun can easily break down walls with only a few shots. 

Check it out in action

Famous Fortnite streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins called the gun "effective." 

While this was the only major update, there were a few other notable updates. As the 14 Days of Summer event continues, new challenges and limited time modes will continue to become available each day. 

For the Fourth of July holiday, Epic brought back four heroes for a limited time. This includes Stars and Stripes Jonesy, Star-Spangled Headhunter, Patriot Penny, and Old Glory AC. Gamers can earn Stars and Stripes Jonesy by completing the "Light'em Up" quest. 

Fortnite Stars and Stripes update Fourth of July

A new Wargames simulation is also available. Called Meltdown, the simulation has the Storm Shield going critically wrong. It's now emitting a growing radiation field. This causes some issues while in direct contact, according to patch notes. The simulation brings about more chances for Event Tickets, a new banner, and more variety to the Daily Wargames Challenges. 

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