Apex Legends Season 2 update brings new legend, weapons, changes

The Apex Legends community has long awaited more information on the Season 2 update and battle pass, with speculation and leaks running rampant across social media. The wait is now over as EA has released an official “Battle Charge” rundown of all the new content.

The new season will start July 2 and will feature a new playable legend, a new weapon, and a whole battle pass worth of content, all available for an Apex Coins equivalent of $9.99 for the basic version. The game remains free to play, but its additional content and cosmetics have brought in $150 million in revenue in the last quarter alone.

The most exciting addition to the game will be Wattson, the new character for players to take on with a unique backstory and fresh abilities. According to the game’s lore, Natalie “Wattson” Paquette is the daughter of one of the designers of the games that play out as a battle royale in Apex Legends, and her specialty is electricity.

Her tactical ability allows players to put up a fence that slows and damages enemies, and her ultimate is a pylon that blocks incoming shots and recharges shields. This set of skills will make Wattson an exciting defensive and supportive character.

There is also a new weapon for players to look for and try out in the L-STAR. This fully-automatic SMG fires large, slower moving plasma projectiles that require leading one’s shot but reward with high damage. The gold rarity weapon will only be available from drop ships and with limited ammunition, just like the Mastiff and Kraber.

The Season 2 battle pass is also new and improved. Featuring more content than in the original season, it promises at least two legendary skins, extra XP, access to other exclusive cosmetics, and even a separate queue for the battle pass holders who place in the top five of a given match.

Alongside all the new features there are more subtle changes and adjustments to some of the game’s mechanics. Notably, disruptor and hammerpoint rounds both received buffs, making the Alternator, RE-45, P2020, and Mozambique weapons more powerful. The Ark Star is now more consistent but at a shorter range, and airdrops will yield different weapons depending on the stage of the match.

All of this spells out an exciting season carefully sculpted to attract both casual players swayed by cosmetics and loot, and competitive players who have been pining for more consistent and reliable performance since the game’s launch.

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