FaZe Clan and Black Dragons match fixing investigation concludes

We now know the price of alleged match fixing according to ESL.

ESL has announced the conclusion of its investigation into allegations of match fixing and win trading between Latin American Rainbow Six Siege teams FaZe Clan and Black Dragons. The investigation concluded that Black Dragons provided “misleading information” and exhibited “unsportsmanlike behavior.”

For their role in the scandal, Black Dragons were assessed two major penalty points and have had 20% of their Season 9 Pro League winnings deducted.

Since there is no concrete evidence connecting FaZe Clan to the allegations, the recently embattled organization will escape punishment.

The ruling comes after former Black Dragons analyst Thiago “thyy” Nicezio released three screenshots showing a Black Dragons player discussing the alleged match fixing with him.

The Pro League match in question occurred on April 4, and was plagued by constant connection issues from Black Dragons, who lost to FaZe Clan 0-7. According to thyy’s original allegations, the intentional throw was to be repaid by FaZe Clan on June 30 during the BR6 live event.

For the amount of evidence thyy gathered, the punishment seems lenient to many. Thyy had audio recordings and screenshots that showed Black Dragons player Juninho "GdNN1" Nunes acknowledging that the match had been less than competitive.

At that point in time, the April 4 match against Black Dragons was seen as crucial for FaZe Clan to make the Pro League Finals in Milan. FaZe made the semifinals of the tournament before falling 2-0 to tournament runner-up Evil Geniuses, and made $30,000 in winnings.

The situation hasn’t seen as much media attention as it likely should due to FaZe Clan’s other high profile legal battle, a lawsuit filed by Fortnite pro Turner “Tfue” Tenney that alleges among other things that the organization is operating illegally as a talent agency without the correct license.

That story may have overshadowed the allegations concerning FaZe and Black Dragons, but fans are unlikely to forget the role the two teams played in the controversy.

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