Fortnite 9.21 patch includes Horde Rush LTM and a grenade launcher

Epic has released the 9.21 patch, and that means new weapons and new game modes for Fortnite players. 

Horde Rush will be coming to Fortnite later today. Eliminate monsters with friends and find hidden score multipliers around the island. The monsters, or Fiends, will also have Fiend Spawners players can destroy that gives teams points. Meanwhile, teams must defend their designated area of the island, traveling across the map to new defense points throughout the match. Teams who survive all of the defend locations will have the chance to take down the Final Boss to win.

One Shot Duos is another Limited Time Mode available to Fortnite players. Snipers are the only weapon, and each player only has 50 health. There's also low gravity, so Epic urges players to "jump high and aim well." 

Yeah, it's a litle less complicated than Horde Rush. 

Patch 9.21 also introduces the Proximity Grenade Launcher. This weapon fires an arcing, bouncing explosive projectile that will explode when in proximity of an opponent. Found in chests, loot carriers, supply drops, and vending machines, this powerful weapon is available in Epic and Legendary rarities. 

Check out the video below, where one grenade from this new weapon depleted an entire build: 

Many of the YouTube comments seem to have a negative reaction to this weapon. Some players are already asking when it will be vaulted, while others feel Epic has ignored their request for the Pump's return. Others expressed that fixing bugs should be Epic's true priority over adding new weapons. 

A glance at the 9.21 patch notes reveals that the only bug fix is to the audio, which would sometimes be muffled due to a filter optimization issue. 

Save the World also received a new weapon, the Plasmatron 9000. This short-ranged automatic energy pistol is now in the Weekly Store. Available until June 19, the Plasmatron shoots out expanding rings of plasma that pierce enemies. 

There's also a new Wargame simulation, Quantum Countdown. As an unstable bomb teleports around the gamer's base, Husks are drawn to its energy and try to destroy it. The player must quickly adapt to protect its new location as the Husks take new routes. 

Epic pointed out that a new Wargames simulation also means more chances for Event Tickets, a new banner, and more variety in the daily quests. 

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