Apex Legends to reveal new legend Wattson at EA Play event

Apex Legends' newest legend is being officially announced. 

At EA's "EA Play," a stream being held today before E3 begins, Respawn Entertainment will be discussing Apex Legends Season 2. EA CEO Andrew Wilson claimed they have "big and robust" plans for the battle royale. This includes new Battle Pass content, in-game environment evolutions, and new legends. 

The Apex Legends portion of EA Play will be live at 1 PM EST. 

This will be the first official look at the newest legend, who was leaked a few months ago. In March, data miners shared images of the legend, Wattson, and some of her abilities. One of her leaked abilities appears to be a Tesla Trap, which has a very similar look to Caustic's Nox Gas Trap. Except it's electric, of course. 

Data miners will also able to grab call-outs from other legends to Wattson. 

Apex Legends leaked legend E3 Wattson

Twitch streamer Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek, who has recently taken up competitive Apex Legends, was able to get his hands on Wattson at a testing event before her public reveal. 

In a May 12 stream, Shroud informed fans that he didn't enjoy playing as Wattson. In fact, he initially said he hated it before backtracking.

“I didn’t hate it, I just didn't like it," he said. "That’s all. It’s like me playing Caustic. I just don’t like him.”

This wasn't Shroud's first time sharing his opinion on Wattson. 

Although he wouldn't give out any names at the beginning of May, Shroud said the next legend was more situational, like Gibraltar and Caustic. 

"All I can tell you about the next legend is that it's not going to be that sick. It's going to be cool, but it's not going to be that sick - that's all," Shroud said.

Now, the general public will be able to form its own opinion on Wattson. Later today, more information will be revealed about the newest legend.

While this is exciting for Apex Legends fans who have felt neglected by Respawn in the past, they also are hoping for updates that include bug fixes. And maybe some new ways to deal with cheaters and hackers. 

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