H1ghSky1 apologizes for lying about age for streaming and signing

In his first live stream since being banned from Twitch for TOS violations, FaZe Clan’s H1ghSky1 admitted to and publicly apologized for lying to the public about his age.

H1ghSky1 admitted to being 12 years old, and to having been 11 at the time of his signing with FaZe Clan. According to Twitch TOS, you have to be at least 13 years of age in order to stream on the platform.

On YouTube, if you’re underage a parent must accompany you during your stream.

H1ghsky1’s controversial signing has been looming in the background of Turner “Tfue” Tenney’s ongoing lawsuit against FaZe Clan, and could end up overtaking the spotlight sooner than later.

Tfue alleges that his oppressive contract, the one that stated that FaZe could take 80% of his earnings from in-house brand deals, is null and void. Tfue also brought H1ghsky1’s real age to light in the lawsuit as part of his legal team making a holistic case against FaZe Clan.

Tfue’s future and the future of the lawsuit are still up in the air, but H1ghsky1’s signing could have the lifestyle and gaming brand in hot water. H1ghsky1’s contract would likely have been illegal by California labor laws, which could have major consequences for the esports organization.

And now, H1ghSky1 has admitted that he did in fact lie about his age.

If the future of FaZe Clan was up in the air before H1ghSky1 admitted his and their deception, FaZe is now in even more hot water. The organization will have a lot to answer for in terms of their oppressive contracts and other alleged shady business dealings as brought forth by Tfue’s lawsuit.

No matter how the lawsuits end up, the future of esports may be changing. Tfue and H1ghSky1 have brought several bad business practices that could potentially hurt players to the fore of conversation. Every young and impressionable gamer that could’ve been deceived into a bad contract should have these incidents in mind when they sign the dotted line in the future.

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