Team Liquid tops TSM in its LCS summer debut with convincing win

Team Liquid started the summer split with a convincing victory over Team Solo Mid in the rematch of the LCS spring finals.

The memory of St. Louis is still fresh in TSM’s collective mind. After getting reverse swept in the finals, the runners-up had to watch TL come close to conquering the Mid-Season Invitational. In week one of the LCS summer split, TSM had a chance to strike back, but TL came back stronger than ever.

Liquid’s superiority became obvious at 11 minutes when TSM attempted to dive the bottom lane. Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng killed one TSM member after the other and taunted Jesper "Zven" Svenningsen before erasing him from the map for a clean triple kill.

From that point on, TL snowballed hard. TSM fought desperately to find anything on the map, but TL was relentless and punished their opposition. At 25 minutes, TL secured a baron buff and marched into TSM’s base. After getting two kills in the top lane, TL continued to siege and secured two additional kills to crack open two lanes of inhibitors.

Before 30 minutes expired, TL had secured its first win of the split. The spring champions recently returned from Vietnam after taking part in MSI and despite the short preparation for summer, they absolutely obliterated TSM.

TSM will have to wait until week nine to get another shot at revenge. Both squads must put their rivalry to rest soon, as they are getting ready to face Fnatic, Origen, and G2 Esports at Rift Rivals starting on June 2.

Week one continues on Sunday, as TL is facing an Echo Fox team that started the split with a loss versus Golden Guardians. TSM will go against the new and improved Counter Logic Gaming that looked strong in its victory against 100 Thieves.