DrLupo calls XXiF a bot during an official Fortnite stream

A lot of pros are unhappy with Damion "XXiF" Cook's short 14-day ban for suspected cheating during the World Cup qualifers. 

The two-week ban is already up for XXiF, which allowed him to take part in the World Cup Solo qualifers last weekend. But he didn't seem to be too welcomed by some competitors. Streamer Ben "DrLupo" Lupo referred to XXiF as "a bot" during a live qualifiers match he was casting for the official Fortnite channel yesterday. 

"That went from so, so bad, to so good very quickly. Looks for the fourth shot. Kills a bot on the outside, rotating through. Unbelievable," DrLupo said in the commentary

In the Fortnite world, the term "bot" is used to describe a bad player. 

DrLupo isn't the only one who's feeling a bit salty abou XXiF's light sentence. Other professional Fortnite pros have called out Epic for the two-week ban, demanding he be disqualified for the duration of the World Cup. This includes Luminosity's Ali "SypherPK" Hassan, who mocked Epic by creating a fake commentary for casters if XXiF were to qualify for the World Cup.

“Here’s Rise XXIF and his teammate Ronaldo showing up big in today’s competition. Definitely an amazing come back after they were banned in week three for literally cheating," SypherPK said. 

XXiF was in contention with 53 points on April 29 when players and viewers alike called him out for having his friends aid him in a qualifying game. Fortnite fans watched "Bad and Wuji" and "gestyy" purposely not pick up powerful weapons and make questionable decisions at the beginning of a match, making it easy for XXiF to eliminate them.

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins confirmed later on that all three of the players were friends, which made the match fixing allegations even more likely. 

Following his suspension, XXiF has failed to qualify for the World Cup Finals on North America East servers. 

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