Apex Legends weapons tier list is here, as voted on by players

A Reddit user recently released the results of a survey conducted on Apex Legends weapons strength. Almost 2,000 people voted for their favorite legends and guns, creating a fan-fueled Apex Legends tier list. 

The simple pie charts CharlieBeaulieu created from the data can be checked out here

The Legend tier list

When it comes to the Apex Legends community's favorite legends, Pathfinder was the clear winner with 37 percent of total votes. 

Pathfinder has become quite popular because of his grappling hook ability. This gives him great mobility around the map, allowing players to easily secure high ground. He also has a survey beacon that allows him to see where the next circle will land, which makes positioning and planning with him even easier.

Respawn Entertainment has yet to fix Pathfinder's small hitbox. But that only makes him more appealing to play at the moment. 

Apex Legends weapon legend tier list Pathfinder

Lifeline is the second favorite legend at 16.9%, largely thanks to her clutch healing abilities. 

  • Wraith - 11.5%
  • Octane - 9.1%
  • Bangalore - 8.0%
  • Bloodhound - 6.6%
  • Mirage - 4.1%
  • Caustic - 4.0%
  • Gibraltar - 2.8%

Pistol Tier List

 There are currently three pistols available in Apex Legends. With almost 57% of the votes, the Wingman was the clear winner. The desert eagle-style pistol can take out a player with full armor with three well-aimed shots to the head.  

  • RE-45 - 40.2%
  • P2020 - 3%

Shotgun Tier List 

The Peacekeeper continues to be a popular favorite, securing 64.4% of the votes. The Peacekeeper is actually one of the most popular overall weapons as well, with pros often urging players to always have one as a part of their loadout. 

  • EVA8 Auto - 32.7%
  • Mozambique - 2.9%

Sniper Tier List 

Apex Legends' most popular sniper rifle is the Longbow. The weapon got a 64.9% share of the sniper vote. This is most likely due to the semi-automatic sniper's 55 damage-per-second output and its and relatively brief reload time. 

  • Triple Take - 20.5%
  • G7 Scout - 14.6%

Assault Rifle Tier List

With an enormous 78.1% of total votes, the R-301 Carbine is the top pick among assault rifles thanks to its 18-round magazine size and its impressive accuracy. The other weapons in this category weren't even close. 

  • Havoc - 11.6%
  • Hemlock - 7.1%
  • Flatline - 3.2%

Apex Legends weapon tier list top guns

When it comes to submachine guns, the the R-99 received 72.9% of the votes. This is most likely due to it having the fastest fire rate in the whole game. The Spitfire was the favorite machine gun, with 74.4% of the votes. 

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