Overwatch update brings with it Workshop mode and Anniversary event

A new Overwatch patch has been released and is now available on all platforms. Patch 1.36 introduced the start of the latest seasonal event and the new Workshop feature.

The Workshop is a new gameplay feature for Overwatch that allows players to create their own game modes and rules.

The new game mode, simply titled the Workshop, is a modification tool that allows players to adapt and change in-game rules to completely customise the game to their liking. Hero abilities and victory conditions are some of the game’s aspects that can be edited with the new scripting mode.

To create a custom game mode, players will have to select a series of conditions within the script from a drop-down menu. Blizzard has included a long list of commands for players to choose from, and will continue to add more as time goes on for even more customization.

To access the Workshop, players will have to access the game browser under the play menu. From there, players can create a game and access the Workshop from the settings menu.

The Workshop has already been on the PTR for some weeks, and players have shared their early creations across social media. Game modes such as Pharah Flappy Bird and Hammond Racing have already shown the potential creativity of the Overwatch community. Now that the game mode is live, more players can join the fun and share with their uniquely generated game codes.

Some minor hero changes have also been introduced for abilities that cause items to be dropped. Both Hammond’s minefield ultimate and Baptiste’s immortality field generator will now move properly when placed on mobile platforms.

The Overwatch Anniversary event is also live with this patch, introducing all game modes and cosmetics from previous events for the next three weeks. For the first week of the event, the game is also free-to-play.

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