Shroud confronts an Apex Legends cheater live on his stream

Twitch streamer Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek didn't take kindly to getting eliminated in Apex Legends by players using cheats.

Despite a recent scooter injury, the former Counter-Strike pro has continued to excite his 6.5 million Twitch followers with exceptional aim and reflexes. That made the elimination even more shocking to Shroud, who appeared to be taken out quite easily by the other player. 

"He just destroyed me,” Shroud exclaimed on stream. “Jesus Christ, is this guy cheating?”

After spectating the player who killed him, Shroud came to the conclusion that the guy was indeed using an aim hack. 

Despite being taken out by the aimbot cheater, Shroud had only positive things to say about the hacker at first. He said that his opponent didn't even need the hack, since he had good movement. In fact, it confused him so much, Shroud decided to ask the guy why he was using a cheat to begin with. 

"Why do you cheat?" Shroud asked. 

The player, who had been watching Shroud's stream at the time, used his weapon to shoot "IDK" into a nearby rock wall. 

This vague and nonchalant response didn't seem to sit well with the famous streamer. Shroud told the cheater he'd feel better about himself if he didn't rely on cheats when playing Apex Legends. Instead of continuing the discussion in a way that Shroud would consider mature, the player began spraying dollar signs into nearby walls. 

Shroud asked his opponent how old he was. The player replied with their gun that they were 25 years old. 

"He's a 25-year-old child.That's all I needed to know," Shroud said. "There's no way he's 25. That's a lie. No 25-year-old would act like that." 

Shroud was perhaps hoping to humiliate or shame the cheater with the comment, since cheaters can be of any age. Perhaps the shaming would be enough to convince the cheater to cease their cheating ways.

Apex Legends has had a major issue with cheaters since the game's launch in February. The free-to-play title has been slow to deal with the large influx of hackers and cheaters, causing some streamers to do some pretty dramatic stunts to get Respawn Entertainment's attention. This includes hacking on a live stream and even giving out tutorials on how to easily hack the game. 

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