Apex Legend's game breaking Octane bug persists for over a month

Remember the game breaking audio bug in Apex Legends? The community hasn't forgotten about that one. And how could they? It's still happening, despite Respawn Entertainment developers promising that it'd be addressed within a week.

This is something that the Apex Legends community is getting overly accustomed to hearing. 

And that may not even be the worst glitch in the game. Now, while using Octane, players become stuck in the same animation for the entirety of the legend's Stim ability, basically making it impossible to use a weapon during the ability's active duration. 

While Octane's Stim ability makes him move 30 percent faster for six seconds, players are still rendered vulnerable thanks to this bug that's been pestering the Apex community for an entire month. 

Check out one Reddit user's video that captures the devastating effects of the glitch. 

One Redditor also claimed that the bug doesn't allow players to redraw a weapon, loot, or even pull up their inventory.

A Wraith player responded with, "It's the same bug as the infinite Wraith portal." Anothre major ability glitch that changes the entire outcome of a match. 

Respawn Entertainment has acknowledged the bug


Over a month ago, Apex Legends developers confirmed that they were aware of the Octane Stim ability bug. A member of the development team further confirmed that he had passed along the bug's description to the rest of the team. But players have been reporting the issue as recently as this week, so it's unclear what has been done or what will be done regarding this issue following that official acknowledgement. 

The Apex Legends community has begun to suspect that there will be no game updates - not even to fix these issues - until Season 2 is released. The developers have stated that information on what's coming in Season 2 will be revealed at E3, including a vague promise of "big and robust plans." 

Publisher EA has admitted that Apex Legend's rapid growth since its release in February has continued to cause issues for Respawn Entertainment. While Apex Legends players have accepted that their game of choice will not have as many in-game updates and events as competing battle royale Fortnite, they have continued to voice their frustration over the lack of communication when it comes to fixing the game's major bugs. 

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