Respawn offers free Apex Legends loot to PlayStation 4 players

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has released a free cosmetics pack that is available exclusively to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

The PlayStation Plus Play Pack can be claimed from the PlayStation store by anyone who subscribes to the PlayStation Plus service.

The free bundle offers a total of six items, including customizable content for both Lifeline and Mirage. Both legends receive one blue themed skin and one banner each. The final two items are a pair of weapon skins for the Eva-8 and the R-99.

To claim the free pack, PlayStation 4 players can log into the PlayStation Store and search for the game Apex Legends. Once found, they can visit the additional items menu and make their purchase from there.

Though the item is free, Sony will send out an email thanking players for the order and confirming the purchase. The items can also be obtained from the PlayStation Plus subscribers menu found within the PlayStation Store.

This isn’t the first time a free pack has been made available to players, despite the game only having been released earlier this year. The last pack included five Apex Packs and an exclusive purple skin for Pathfinder. That bundle had been made available to players who had a subscription to Twitch Prime and is no longer available.

Unlike this pack however, that cosmetic item offer was not locked to one platform, having been made available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

The PlayStation Plus subscription has offered free cosmetic packs exclusively for Sony players for other games in the past, such as the Carbon Bundle pack that was released for Fortnite in March of this year. The subscription service also offers free games on a monthly basis and increased cloud storage for PlayStation 4 game files.

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