More Amit Raizada business partners are now alleging racist abuse

Steven R. May 16, 2019

Rick Fox isn’t the only person who says they have suffered racial abuse from Vision Esports’ Amit Raizada.

According to a report from Kevin Hitt of Upcomer, the public blowout between the Echo Fox executives has seen a number of other individuals come forward with stories of racial and homophobic insults from Raizada. In addition to the verbal incidents, Raizada in on record as someone that is willing to take out his frustrations physically as well.

“What's happened with Rick Fox and Jace Hall is not fresh or new,” former Raizada business partner Michael Gortenburg said. “This is repetitive and old. Everything you've seen here has happened before...There’s more. Anti-semitic, homophobic, misogynistic, there's a whole gamut of stuff.”

Gortenburg worked on several former and ongoing projects with Raizada over the course of several years. Though the report states the two were friends at one point, bad behavior of all sorts from Raizada was “systemic and habitual.” He discussed other incidents between Raizada and his business partners, including ones where he threatened physical violence. Upcomer also reported on a separate incident where Raizada directed a number of anti-semitic insults towards a former investor, David Vittor.

Gortenburg and Raizada have previously sparred in the courtroom, with Gortenburg receiving a $6.1 million verdict in 2017 when Raizada was found “guilty of breaching his fiduciary duty,” per The Pitch. Gortenburg isn’t alone in having legal battles with Raizada, with The Pitch chronicling a number of other court cases including an ugly divorce in which he allegedly tricked the mother of his children out of millions of dollars. He has also faced criminal charges in the past, as he was involved in an ugly incident at a bank where he was involved in a physical altercation with a manager.

The stories all line up with claims made by Rick Fox.

Last month, Dexerto reported that Fox was suddenly looking to sell his part of the Echo Fox esports organization due to racism and threats to his family made by an unnamed shareholder in the company. The Echo Fox organization confirmed that those incidents did occur, with Dexerto later confirming that the individual in question was Raizada while also publishing emails that included racial epithets directed at former Echo Fox CEO Jace Hall.

Raizada initially denied the claims but later acknowledged using racist using racial slurs during an argument with Hall.

Raizada’s history of alleged racial abuse has put Echo Fox at risk of losing its place in the LCS. Earlier this week, Riot Games issued an ultimatum to the organization demanding Raizada’s ouster from the company within 60 days under threat of removal.

Raizada remains financially tied to the company, but those days could soon be coming to an end.