Rick Fox opens up on Amit Raizada and his future with Echo Fox

Steven R. May 11, 2019

Echo Fox’s namesake owner Rick Fox is opening up on his possible breakup with the organization that bears his name.

The former Los Angeles Laker released a lengthy statement to Richard Lewis of Dexerto confirming many of the details regarding the outlet’s reports on racist statements made towards himself and Echo Fox CEO Jace Hall by Echo Fox shareholder Amit Raizada. He also reasserted his intent to leave the team if Raizada isn't forced out.

“I have been informed of multiple instances where he has called me a ‘Sand N----r,’” Fox said. “In addition to his racial comments about me, he has admitted to his additional racist comments toward Jace Hall.”

He then states Raizada made threats towards himself and his family, recounting an exchange between Raizada and his lawyer where Raizada stated “I’LL PERSONALLY F--K HIM AND HIS FAMILY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE IN ANYWAY POSSIBLE.” Finally, he pushed back against the idea that his relationship with Raizada was anything beyond business, taking umbrage with Raizada’s claims that they are longtime friends.

The statement from Fox comes after the publication of some of the correspondances containing racist language by Raizada. It comes alongside a separate report by Upcomer that Raizada made a series of anti-semitic remarks towards a former business partner David Vittor. During an argument over text messages, Raizada allegedly called Vittor a “dumb Jew” and made a number of references to the Holocaust.

In April, Dexerto reported on a number of leaked emails from Fox sent to people within the Echo Fox organization expressing his intent to sell his share of the company due to an unnamed individual who made racist comments towards him and threatened his family. Dexerto would later confirm that Raizada was the individual at odds with Fox.

Is Rick Fox Going to Leave Echo Fox? 


Over the last three weeks, Fox has made it clear he wants to remain as a part of Echo Fox, but is done working alongside Raizada. He made that clear in the initial email that Dexerto reported on, reiterated that when talking to TMZ last week, and did so again here.

“If he were not a part of Echo Fox, I have no issue continuing with the other partners or new partners,” Fox said. “Excluding Mr. Raizada, I already have amazing partners...who share our values of equality which all make for a bright future at Echo Fox.”

There is also little doubt that Echo Fox would prefer to keep Fox under the umbrella. Though Fox isn’t the only name brand sports star to own an esports organization, no one else has been as synonymous or as involved with their team as him.

The trouble is on the financial end. Fox has repeatedly touched on the idea that Raizada is financially invested in Echo Fox to the point where he can’t be easily split from the company.

The only hope for keeping Fox in Echo Fox likely hangs with Riot Games. The publisher behind League of Legends stated it is investigating the incidents and may have the tools to take action, if its investigation into Raizada backs up the recent reports.

The future is far from certain for any of the involved parties.