Apex Legends game breaking audio bug is real, addressed by Respawn

Since its February release, Apex Legends has had its fair share of bugs. But there's been one bug that has frustrated players the most thanks to its game breaking results. 

There's currently an Apex Legends bug that causes audio to completely disappear during firefights. Audio can also become clunky or vanish entirely when a lot of people land in the same location. 

Some players turned to forums to discuss this major concern

"The game SFX audio was 100 percent when it launched," one user said. "But now it somtimes tears up or [becomes] completely unhearable, especially when Skulltown is a hotzone and [many opponents] drop there." 

He went on to say that the sound tears "so badly" that he can't hear gunshots or footsteps. And sometimes it's accompanied by the game lagging as well. 

Community Manager Jay "Jayfresh" Frechette responded to the concerned player, which was a shock to many in the Apex Legends community. 

"Yep, we are aware of that and audio team is on it," Jayfresh said. "We'll be talking more about what they'll be addressing next week." 

Next week's statement will most likely alsoaddress the issues PlayStation 4 users have been having. After the 1.08 update on May 8, many PS4 players reported that Apex Legends was repeatedly crashing. The freezing often happened during the character selection screen, preventing teammates from jumping into King's Canyon. 

Jayfresh and the Respawn team have already briefly discussed the possible cause of the crashing. He blamed the "Pick Me Up" Banner Frame for Lifeline, noting that it was "calling up a nonexistent file." 

Respawn has since issued a partial fix disabling the Banner, which is now live. But Jayfresh admitted that the crashes may still occur when unlocking or equipping the Banner. He stated that the team is still working on fully resolving the issue. 

For now, players will have to wait until next week's statement to find out more about the crashing and the audio bug. And that's not good enough for many gamers in the Apex Legends community. A lot of Reddit users pointed out that "we will discuss this next week" is what Apex developers said last week, and also the week before that. 

"You ask us to be patient," one user said. "But you give us half-assed answers like, 'We don't wanna work our devs [too] hard. Like seriously. Push a hot patch. Fix one bug. Give us something, man." 

His statement was met with approval from other Apex Legends players, who seemed quite aggravated with the lack of communication. 

This comes after Respawn Entertainment promised to improve the "frequency of their communication" with the game's community in late April.

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