Fortnite Season 9 will introduce slipstreams and new Neo Tilted area

Season 8 saw many players' favorite spot on the map, Tilted Towers, get completely decimated by a volcanic eruption. Season 9 is all about moving forward and looking into the future. 

Fortnite's Season 9 patch boasts new gameplay, new locations, and new challenges. 

A whole new map


After hinting for multiple seasons that Tilted Towers was going to be destroyed, Epic finally did it. In its place is Neo Tilted, a high-tech, futuristic city. The Season 9 map also boasts another new location, Mega Mall, which has replaced the recently flattened Retail Row. The newly calmed volcano is now joined by the newly built Pressure Plant.  

The future-themed season also introduces some new mobility technologies. In order to better navigate the new map, Epic is bringing players the Slipstream. These are tunnels of wind that passively carry players down their paths, allowing them to move faster. Players can use directional input to gain extra velocity, or bob up and down for higher speeds. Projectiles and vehicles can also enter the Slipstream. 

Across the map, gamers can find a new environmental item called the Air Vent. This provides another boost to Fortnite players and carries no damage penalty. 

A brand new weapon


A semi-automatic combat shotgun has been added to the game, and Grenades are back as well.

But the biggest weapon change this season is the vaulting of the Pump Shotgun. One of the game's most well-known weapons, the Pump gave competitors a huge advantage if they were able to pick it up in the early game. Its replacement, the Combat Shotgun, shoots faster and does less damage.

Clingers, Buried Treasure, Poison Dart Traps, Scoped Revolvers, Suppressed Assault Rifles, Thermal Assault Rifles, and Balloons have also been vaulted.  

A whole new battle pass


Then there's the Season 9 Battle Pass. When players first purchase the pass, they immediately get two new outfits: Sentinel and Rox progressive outfits, which come with new duel axes. There's also mechanized pets. Players who opt in for the Battle Bundle will also get this snazzy guy: 

Battle Pass Fortnite Season 9 Bundle


Players who reach Level 100 get a new progressive outfit, Vendetta. 

Fortbytes are another new addition to Season 9's Battle Pass. Using clues, players can find hidden pick-ups scattered throughout the island. These unlocks rewards and "uncover the secrets of Season 9." 

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