Rick Fox will stick around with Echo Fox, on one condition

Steven R. May 4, 2019

Rick Fox is willing to stick around with Echo Fox on one condition.

Speaking with TMZ, the former Los Angeles Laker discussed recent reports surrounding his potential departure from the esports brand. In addition to functionally confirming the news that he has been looking to leave his namesake organization due to racist comments from a shareholder in the company, he also discussed what it would take to keep him around.

“This has been my life, this has been my passion. I’m not looking to go anywhere, but I will not stay in business with a racist. I just won’t,” Fox said.

When asked if he was looking to start over in esports, Fox replied “I’m really going to deal with this one...Riot has been amazing, the community has been amazing. The community doesn’t stand for this...but I’ve got to deal with this right now and I’m working on dealing with this," Fox said. "It’ll be resolved one way or the other.”

Last week, Richard Lewis of Dexerto reported that Fox had sent an email to people inside the Echo Fox organization that he was looking to depart the organization. According to the report, the reason for this was the use of racist language being used towards both Fox and former Echo Fox CEO Jace Hall by stakeholder of the organization. Fox and Hall are African-American.

Later, Lewis reported that the individual in question is Amit Raizada of Vision Esports.

Fox has been a key figure in esports’ growth in recent years on multiple fronts. His reputation in basketball attracted the attention of mainstream sports media outlets that weren’t previously interested in esports, while the success and prominence of Echo Fox led a number of other traditional sports figures to invest in the industry.

So can Fox do anything? That remains to be seen.

Raizada had invested millions of dollars into Echo Fox and has deep financial ties to the organization as a result, making it difficult to oust him. The key variable in this is Riot Games. The League of Legends publisher announced it was investigating the matter shortly after the first report and could have the tools to force action from the organization.

But for now, Rick Fox’s future with Echo Fox remains uncertain.