PUBG hosts Reddit AMA with the official Weapon Mastery team

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds' Weapon Mastery team recently took to Reddit for an AMA about the new progression system they've developed. 

Weapons Mastery is a brand new progression system that rewards players for becoming experts with their favorite weaponry. Dealing damage and defeating opponents will help players progress through ranked levels with their gun of choice. In the lobby, PUBG players can check out the Mastery tab to keep track of their new stats with all of the game's weapons. 

The recent PUBG update has been met with positive reviews from the game's community. It's still under development for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. 

Check out the introduction video below: 

The AMA allowed game developers to answer questions about their newest creation, as well as hear the community's feedback. 

Some of the common questions were concerning the rewards players received for climbing up the ranks with their favorite weapons. The new charms are a keychain trinkets that gets attached to the barrel of a weapon. Players can keep track of these unlockable items in the Mastery tab. Inside the Mastery tab there are also emblems, which act as a "visual shorthand" for the player's current level with each weapon. According to the AMA, these tier emblems "get fancier" every 10 levels. 

The AMA also revealed that all guns will be equal when it comes to progressing through levels. 

"It's not about which weapons are better, but which weapons you use and enjoy putting time into," the developers explained. 

When a player has reached the highest stats possible with their chosen weapon, progress will not be wiped. This was a concern for some players who didn't want to lose the visible prestige that comes with mastering their weapons of choice. But some didn't feel this was enough, and they asked if other players would also be able to see their gun stats. 

"We designed a system that allowed you to show off these items to other players, but it didn’t feel quite right," the developers said. "We held off on shipping it while we go back to the drawing board to think of better ways to display your emblems to your friends, and maybe even your enemies. Giving players the opportunity to show off their accomplishments and personalize their looks are very high on our priority list."

Since Weapon Mastery progress is currently a hidden achievement, mastery levels will not have any effect on matchmaking. 

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