Tfue headlines latest qualified players for Fortnite World Cup

It was a great day of Fortnite for FaZe Clan’s most popular player.

After struggling in the first two weeks of qualifiers, Turner "Tfue" Tenney locked up a spot in the Fortnite World Cup solo tournament. The popular streamer adds a much needed dose of star power to what was shaking out to be a relatively bland competitive pool.

As is the case with competitive Fortnite, consistency is nearly impossible. With random loot drops and 99 people capable of killing you at any moment, Tfue’s weekend was far from dominant.

He still managed to consistently score points by picking up kills and working his way into placement points more often than not. That approach positioned him well heading into the final sessions of the day, and Tfue managed to knot things up in impressive fashion in his final game.

After surviving to the final circles, Tfue found himself in an awkward position with poor weaponry and limited ammunition. An ineffectual high ground scramble didn’t translate to kills, but allowed him to survive until there was just one other player left. The circle helped soften up his final opponent and his shotgun did the rest to seal a Victory Royale. That cemented him as the top player in North America’s eastern qualifiers,

Thus far, the build to the Fortnite World Cup has been defined by controversy and a lack of popular players making the cut.

Though Fortnite has launched the careers of many of the most popular streamers in the world, the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers have seen top pros regularly venting frustration over the state of the game. Pro players have been tasked with qualifying for the event despite frequent game updates. On top of that, there is an undeniable level of randomness to battle royale games which can see skilled players lose simply because they weren’t able to find ideal loot.

Tfue has been among the most vocal on this, often discussing his gripes with the game on streams and social media. He was so fed up at one point during the qualifiers that he openly discussed quitting competitive play in favor of focusing on streaming.

Keeping players of Tfue’s popularity happy is important for Fortnite’s long-term health, given the game’s reliance on popular streamers. And having him compete at the Fortnite World Cup is a good thing for the sake of viewership.

With the first-place finish, he joins week one’s crop of solo players that includes Timothy "Bizzle" Miller and Noah "Vivid" Wright. Also joining Tfue this week are fellow FaZe Clan member Trevor "Funk" Siegler, Harrison "Psalm" Chang, and Domeniks "Domentos" Bunts.

Though Tfue made the cut, a number of other popular streamers remain on the outside including Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Thomas "72hrs" Mulligan, and Ali "Myth" Kabbani. There are still seven more weeks of qualifiers left, with three more opportunities for players to make the cut in solos. Tfue will likely return next week and set his sights on qualifying for duos.

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