Dogman finally gets the bowl cut he has always promised

Playing in the Overwatch League can come with a steep price: A player might have to rock a bowl cut. 

Especially if they make the grave mistake of tweeting about it two years ago. While Atlanta Reign's Dusttin "Dogman" Bowerman was playing in an early iteration of the Overwatch Contenders competition, he promised his followers that he would "rock a bowl cut" if he made it into the Overwatch League. He deemed the haircut the "Korean bowl cut." 

Dogman's followers have been hounding him since last year, asking him when he was going to get the bowl cut he promised them. 

The Overwatch League talent crew decided enough was enough: It was time to make the bowl cut a reality. When Dogman appeared as a post-show guest on April 22, host Chris Puckett brought up Dogman's fateful promise all those years ago. Dogman claimed that he was growing out his hair for a future bowl cut, but that wasn't good enough for the Overwatch crew. 

For some reason, Dogman remained hesitant. 

In an attempt to convince the flex player, analysts showed some haunting images of Overwatch League cast and crew who made the mistake of not burning old photos of their own disturbing bowl cuts. 

disturbing OWL bowl cuts 1

disturbing OWL bowl cuts 2

disturbing OWL bowl cuts 3

Surprisingly, it didn't work. Not even the amazing Kaplan photo. 

Analyst Brennon "Bren" Hook then suddenly appeared, wearing a fake mustache and unveiling hair cutting tools, which included a literal bowl. He placed it on Dogman's head and began to haphazardly cut and buzz Dogman's hair. 

Bren hesitated at Dogman's bangs, claiming he had "10 voices screaming in my ear" to stop the procedure. After attending the All Access Pass Q&A with a bowl on his head, Dogman proceeded to get his entire bowl cut done backstage by a professional. 

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