Fortnite pro Dubs fn accused of cheating, more allegations promised

Pro Fortnite player Dubs fn was ranked second in the North America East qualifiers when he was accused of cheating. 

Fortnite cheat provider AspectDolphin revealed a Discord conversation with a user who called themselves RDubs saying "this cheat is lethal, everything looks legit." This message was sent a month before the World Cup Qualifiers. The cheat provider can be seen asking RDubs to "keep it on the low" while using the cheat, since RDubs has apparently been accused of cheating by other players. 

While AspectDolphin has stated that RDubs is a name that Dubs fn has used in the pas, the Discord conversations do not use his current nickname or specifically mention the World Cup. 

Still, the accusations emboldened other players to make a stand against Dubs fn. In the following video, Dubs fn is accused of using a silent aim cheat, but it's also noted that there may not be enough hard evidence to prove it. 

"All I have to say is fuck all the people that don't believe. I'm not cheating. I'm willing to stream future solo qualifiers to show you that," Dubs fn said on Twitter. 

But Dubs fn may not be the only European player that's allegedly cheated and qualified last week. AspectDolphin said he will reveal some additional reports soon, hoping to stop these supposed cheaters from taking advantage of the World Cup's tremendous prize pool. There's $1 million on the line during each week of the qualifiers, and a staggering $30 million in prizes available at the World Cup itself. 

Even though AspectDolphin is the one providing players with cheats, he claims that the cheats were not intended to be used in the competitive scene. It's unclear how he would be able to make this distinction when selling cheats to anonymous users on Discord. 

While the cheat provider is currently questioning the validity of the original screengrabs, he still believes there's a lot of proof surrounding the accusations. AspectDolphin said the next round of accusations will have even more proof to further back up his claims. 

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