OWL fans question fate of Blizzard Arena after Warner Bros purchase

Warner Bros. will be the official owner of Burbank Studios, home to the Blizzard Arena, in 2023.

The purchase of Burbank Studios is a multi-phased project with an estimated value of more than $1 billion. It’s one of Burbank’s largest and most complex real estate transactions in its history.

The entertainment giant is acquiring the complex as part of its ambitious expansion plans. Burbank Studios will offer Warner Bros. more office space along with eight soundstages. This will most likely be used for the 1.2 million square feet of office space outside its main lot.

The complex that Warner Bros. is purchasing is the former headquarters of NBC Entertainment and home to many popular talk shows. It’s also where the Blizzard Arena is currently located.

Blizzard Arena opened in October 2017 when it hosted the Overwatch Contenders Season 1 playoffs. It’s now the home of the Overwatch League, seating 450 fans and featuring a Blizzard Store and free wifi.

While attendees have marveled at the spectacular Arena stage and its screens, the Blizzard Arena isn’t actually a gaming arena, and the setup is not ppermanent. Esports fans are now wondering what will happen to the Blizzard Arena come 2023.

In 2020, the Overwatch League will have a full home-and-away schedule. While the Warner Bros. purchase may not be the reason why this is happening, it’s safe to say that all 20 teams will have their own arenas to host matches by 2023. It’s a chance for the teams to better represent their home cities and cater to their hometown fans.

The Los Angeles Valiant already have the Microsoft Theater at LA Live in downtown Los Angeles, and it’s likely the Los Angeles Gladiators will soon announce a new home base as well.

The Overwatch League’s first home game in history is already sold out. The Dallas Fuel will be hosting a game in Dallas at the Allen Event Center on April 27. The arena has 4,500 seats.

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