100 Thieves signs fourth player to new Apex Legends squad

Olivia Richman • April 10, 2019 5:20 am

100 Thieves has signed a fourth Apex Legends player to its squad with accomplished battle royale player Justin “JP2” Pate. 

Before switching to the newest battle royale game, JP2 competed professionally in H1Z1 and PlayerUnknown’s Battlgrounds. 

“He’s won multiple top placements at events such as Gamescon and Dreamhack. We’re excited to share his Apex journey with him,” said 100 Thieves’ official Twitter. 


When it comes to Apex Legnds, JP2 most recently played in the T1 and FACEIT Apex Legends Invitational, taking fifth place. The battle royale pro also competed in the first three weeks of the UMG Legends Series in March, playing with two of 100 Thieves’ other Apex Legends players, Isiah “Lifted” Slowik and Justin “Teenage” Phipps. 

JP2 appears to be relatively new to the esports scene. The battle royale pro has just over 4,000 followers on Twitch and 3,800 on Twitter. On April 8, JP2 tweeted the short and sweet line of “I joined 100 Thieves” to announce the move. 

100 Thieves was one of the first esports organizations to respond to the Apex Legends hype and popularity boom in February. The team signed pro player Connor “Gigz” White first, followed by Lifted and Teenage. 

Under 100 Thieves, Lifted has competed in four UMG Legends Series Apex events. On March 23, he placed third. Teenage placed second at Apex On DLive Tournament 2 on March 2. 

Despite developer Respawn Entertainment not yet announcing any official esports leagues or competitions for Apex Legends, the community seems to have completely gotten behind this new title. Esports organizations have quickly taken note, including Team Liquid, who transitioned their entire Call of Duty: Black Ops team to the more active battle royale in March. 


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