2017 Mid Season Invitational

4/28/17 - 5/21/17Brazil Prize Pool: $400K

This year Riot Games is overhauling the international events, scrapping the International Wildcard tournaments and invites all leagues to MSI and Worlds. Due to the growth of the pool of participating teams, Riot Games is introducing another stage for both MSI and worlds, the Play-In Stage.

The MSI will feature all the Spring Split/Split 1 Champions of the 13 regions, the top 3 regions based on international results over the last two years will be seeded into the group stage, the regions are China, Europe and Korea, these are the teir 1 regions.

The teir 2 and 3 regions will start in the Play-In stage.

MSI 2017 is being hosted in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The new Play-In Stage will be held at the CBLOL Studios in São Paulo from the 28th of April to the 6th of May.

Group Stages and Playoffs will be played in the Jeunesse Arena in Rio de Janeiro from the 10th to the 21st of May.



Stage 1: The eight teir 3 regions will play in a two groups of four  best-of-one double round robin, the top team from each group will move on to stage two

Stage 2: The teams that moved up from group one will play a Best-of-Five against the teams form the teir 2 regions, this year its LMS and NA.

Stage 3: The losers of Stage 2 will face off in a Best-of-five where the winner will move on to the Group Stage.

Group Stage

The three automatically seeded in teams and the three teams from Play-In will play out a best-of-one round robin with the top four moving to playoffs.


Single elimination bracket with Best-of-five matches.

G2 Esports
Flash Wolves
SK Telecom T1
Team SoloMid
Lyon Gaming
SuperMassive eSports
Team WE
Dire Wolves
Isurus Gaming
RED Canids
GAM Esports