League of Legends feed: News, tweets, more from top pro players

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MSI 2021 on-air talent revealed, including Bwipo and Wadid

League of Legends animated series Arcane coming to Netflix

Arcana skins for Xerath, Lucian, Camille & Tahm Kench

EU Masters summary:

Newest from Reddit: Riot reqeusts legacy version fan project to shut down and hand in source code

Schedule revealed for MSI 2021

Riot gives preview of new Arcana skins for Lucian, Camille, others

Bwipo, Selfmade reportedly won’t extend contracts with Fnatic

New info revealed on next LoL champion, will be a mid marksman

IWillDominate says junglers have it much harder than supports

Jayce can proc it's Q twice right now. Have fun before it is fixed.

Gambit Esport cloeses its League of Legends roster

Hyper Roll will be TFT's newe game mode!

MSI balance patch incoming

Tyler1 sets deadlift record during Twitch Rivals powerlifting

Watch Faker wipe out four enemies on Akali with a clutch TP

This weird ARAM bug might give your team the same champion twice

100 Thieves signs Abbedagge as new mid laner for 2021 LCS Summer

Ssumday is now offically a US citizen!